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We're fighting for better transit, and we can’t wait for you to join us!

We're fighting for better transit, and we can’t wait for you to join us!

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1 million people ride transit at least once a week in Metro Vancouver.

In the largest city, over half of trips are taken without a car. This makes us a leader in North America on climate change, transportation safety and equitable access. So why, then, is our bus network stretched to the limit, getting slower every year, and on the precipice of a huge budget hole? How can we accommodate 70,000 new residents per year while avoiding gridlock?

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Movement's theory of change

Is that urgent improvements to transit will be indisputable once transit riders are empowered with:
-A vision for how their commute can get better this year, not in 20 years;
-An understanding of how the system works, and how change happens.

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Today, when our urban leaders

propose changes to the transportation system, they primarily hear complaints from a small group of people who know how to work the system and want to maintain the status quo. Even if that urban leader wants to improve transit, they can come to feel that their hands are tied because of the backlash from that small group.

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When riders have a shared vision

and a shared voice, leaders will quickly become empowered to start prioritizing transit riders.

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We need your help!

You can expect to hear more from us soon. In the meantime, consider joining our e-mail list and donating some money. If you have any questions, reach out at